Lexitrans Process®

All our work is subject to the Lexitrans Process® of editing and text review. This process acts as a quality control of excellence for every translation. This guarantees that you receive quality, consistency, and make the most of existing resources. 

The Lexitrans Process® is the result of 30 years of ongoing study and work experience. Our strategy to deliver an excellent product is based on an integrated task force of the best translation professionals to guarantee the quality of each project. Thanks to the Lexitrans Process®, we provide high-volume translation projects in record time without sacrificing quality.

With the Lexitrans Process®, we will soon obtain the ISO 9001:2008 Certification (which establishes the requirements of a quality management system) and the European Quality Standard’s UNE EN-15038: 006 (a guarantee of the best translation service).


Lexitrans Process® workflow

Lexitrans Process


To ensure our standards of quality and meet our objectives, the Lexitrans Process® involves the following professionals:

Project Manager: Selects and assigns the translation work according to the required specialization and language. In the case of large projects, the necessary coordination is made among translators that make up the group in charge of the project. Is in charge of directing the development of a glossary of specific terms, taking into consideration the corpus of the translation, establishing delivery times, and identifying  the consultation sources with the team, as well as advising the translators on the use of translation memory tools.

Translators:   Achieve the balance between the fidelity and sense of the source text and the accuracy and natural flow of the final text.  We should remember that the best translation is one that is not noticeably a translation, but rather one that appears to have been originally written in the language to which it has been translated. 

Revisors: Carry out the first review against the source text, verify that the information is complete, and that the criteria of quality are met. They identify and correct omissions, contradictions, false friend words, etc.

Specialists in Terminology:  Provide advice on the usage of the appropriate terminology in the case of technical or complex texts.

Copy Editors:  Review the translation from the point of grammar, spelling and style. They take into account the audience to which the text is directed.

Editors: Review the text before being printed, and look at the form, fluidity, and accuracy of the final language. They verify and correct the format of the contents, graphics, charts, and exhibits.


The Lexitrans Process® ensures the quality, precision, and style that every translation should have