Rental of Equipment

We rely on the best quality equipment with a wide range of technical resources in order to satisfy all of your needs. We also provide digital audio systems specifically designed for interpretation, which allow real-time interaction between the speaker and their audience.

Depending on the type of interpretation you require, we can provide portable or booth interpretation equipment. The quality of sound is guaranteed in all systems.


Simultaneous interpretation booth equipment

We provide digital audio systems for simultaneous interpretation of up to 32 channels, digital interpretation consoles, analog and infrared systems, ISO quality booths, receivers, etc.

Our technicians will advise you on the best choice of equipment to match your specific needs, and are present during the event in order to handle any possible technical difficulties.


Portable equipment for simultaneous interpretation

This is a wireless system that requires no sound or booth installations. It is recommended for small spaces, tours, guided visits, in-house training, board meetings, and events for up to 20 people.


Complementary equipment

We can provide HD projectors, videoconference systems, video streaming, and WebEx (audiovisual presentation of files).